Royal Theatre Patrons

The 2019-2020 Royal Theatre Patrons Board

Kristin Heidkamp    President

Susie Kleinschmidt  President-elect

Tonya Rose           Treasurer

Amy Zagora           Secretary


Committee Chairs

Frances Hill

   Publicity and Programs

Jennifer Smith     


Susie Kleinschmidt

   Ticket Sales Co-Chair 

Jennifer Faucette

   Ticket Sales Co-Chair

Melissa and Joe Heinlein

   Set Design & Construction

Steve Cornett

   Set Design & Construction

Michelle Schmidt

   Props & Costume Co-Chair

Donna Rudolph

   Props & Costume Co-Chair

Mary McNamara

   Day of Show Sales Co-Chair

Karla Stovall

   Day of Show Sales Co-Chair

Ilene Dillhyon

   Hospitality & Book Drive

Kelly Chiseck

   Fine Arts Treasurer & Choral Boosters Liaison



Terry Gabbard

Brian Seagroves

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